Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gorishola Reservoir

The reservoir five minutes walk from home. It does look far from civilization doesn't it? It used to be a locale for many cinema shootings. And a hangout for local courting couples.
But, now its been 'discovered' and is the scene of numerous parties. With the attendant litter left behind.
So now, we re trying to move a campaign to get it fenced in.
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Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured shots here...just lovely views!

Maddy said...

Oh! It reminds me my days in Nilgiris?? Is it closer to Coonoor? Kotagiri. I remember one on between Kotagiri and Coonoor....Bettati or soemthign like this

When I saw ooty on your profile, I just jumped.

kallu said...

Maddy, i dont know if you are ever gong to read this - but you were in Ooty?/nilgiris?

Maddy said...

I did read. I was in Coonoor, to be precise Bandisola( Providence college area)