Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mukurthi National Park


Lone Rose

Roses are not my favorite flower really. But to have one grow in my own garden, makes it very special.

Climber Roses

Both the climber roses are in full bloom just now. A delight to behold but alas, with hybrid roses, hardly any fragrance. I would like to put them on 'hold' so that guests can see them:-). But they bloom just twice a year.
The roses last just 2 weeks and then they are gone. For the rest of the year we have dark leaved, thorny creeper which catches at your clothes as you pass by to remind you of its existence which you wouldn't notice otherwise.

Double coloured

The flowers on this little cactus are orange when folded up. But when there is bright sunshine, then they open out to bright full yellow for a couple of hours.